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Things To Do in Kenya.

Things To Do in Kenya/Adventure Wildlife Safaris in Kenya.

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Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safaris.

Kenya Travel Packages - Kenya Safaris/Small Group Safaris Kenya/Sightseeing / Activities / Places of Interest/Attractions/Things to do in Kenya/Holidays/Countryside/ Towns/Fun.

Planning your own Africa travel package? Why not plan a mesmerizing travel to Kenya. Great things to do in Kenya, wonderful attractions, must-see attractions, we have the best places to see in Kenya this weekend, this holiday, today, Kenya Safaris, Adventures, and budget adventure activities in Kenya. Go for a thrilling travel to Kenya matched with exciting Kenya travel safari packages from YHA Kenya travel, a dynamic city like Nairobi is rich in contrast and color has something to offer every traveler. Also, find low price Kenya budget safari travel packages and holiday travel deals for other popular Kenya holidays travel destinations across the country and region. Kenya Holiday Packages - Best offers on safari booking for Kenya Safari Tour & Travel packages at YHA Kenya travel. E-Mail us to get you an exciting Kenya Safaris offer deal for some specified Kenya safari holiday vacation packages & customized Kenya as Trekking YHA Travel Kenya Mount Kenya Expeditions.

This guide to things to do in Kenya Mount Kenya is intended as a useful resource for any trekker planning to climb Mount Kenya. For those looking to book an organized trek with experienced guides, full support, and private transport from Nairobi, YHA-Kenya Travel offers you expert advice on when to climb, where to start, what you need to pack for the hike, the best scenic routes, and recommended package can arrange treks along all the routes, This is a must-do activity, a budget adventure activities in Kenya. email us for unbeatable quotes 

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Balloon Safari flights in the Masai Mara.

Taking a "Hot air balloon safari" is a must-do activity it is a treat that many people hope to do. It’s a memorable Kenya Safari Adventure experience, although not ideal for game viewing or wildlife photography. The hot air balloons are launched at dawn. After a noisy and spectacular inflation process. Carry a dozen or more passengers.  For about an hour. In the southern direction across the reserve at the height of a few meters. To several hundred meters above the Masai Mara plains. The best flights follow the course of the Masai Mara or Talek rivers. Allowing you to peer down into the forest. skim past vultures’ nests and watch the monkeys’ early morning routine. By 7.30 am, the balloons are dropping down onto the plain. For a bush full breakfast and sparkling wine, followed by a game drive back to camp. The price is around US$430 per person and flights are best booked in advance. Book This Adventure wildlife safari Looking to go on a safari holiday to Masai Mara in Kenya? Must-see attractions must do an activity, we have the best places to see in Kenya this weekend, this holiday, today, and budget adventure activities in Kenya. Book your next epic Budget Adventure safari holiday to the Masai Mara Kenya with YHA-Kenya Travel we have a range of African wildlife Adventure safari holiday packages for all budgets luxury & budget camping safaris let us guide you to the perfect adventure holiday where you can relax and enjoy your stay in Masai Mara. Read More>>>

Walking Adventure Safari Holidays in Kenya.

Kenya offers a wide choice of reliably excellent walking safaris. Leisurely strolls or more challenging treks in Kenya. Rediscover the spirit of adventure as you explore the magnificent Masai Mara and Laikipia Plateau on foot. Government strict rules have guaranteed the consistently high standards of security of walking active adventure safaris in Kenya. The great rich wildlife and high-quality tented camps for those on a low budget run by experienced and local bush enthusiasts make Kenya walking adventure safaris among the best adventure activity in the region.
Walking safari is a perfect wildlife safari activity and the best attraction in Kenya for wildlife enthusiasts, professional photographers. 
Summer Holidays in Kenya Find the best safari booking weekend Getaways to romantic Kenya Destinations. Special offers on our summer holiday adventures.

Walking Safaris Adventure /Things To Do In Kenya.

Would you prefer to spend your Kenyan safari trip walking in areas that are not visited by mass tourists rather than being cooped up in a vehicle? Do you long for genuine one-on-one contact with competent and experienced Maasai guides who would take your adventure safari experience beyond the "Big Five”? If your answer is yes, then this adventure safari activity is just for you! You have the possibility to visit a Maasai village and to meet with the traditional Masai people. They will show you their traditional customs and you will have a chance to enter their homesteads and Manyattas by paying USD 30 which is payable directly to the Masai Mara.

Visit Amboseli Park / Things To Do In Kenya.

Adventure Amboseli as you get to see the panoramic views of Mount Kilimanjaro with its snow-capped and great wildlife. This is a fantastic Kenya Safaris family adventure break for 3 days and you will come out refreshed and charged. Best things to do in Kenya, must-see attractions, must do an activity, we have best places to see in Kenya this weekend, this holiday, today and budget adventure activities in Kenya. The 3 Days Camping Kenya Safari Package!  Discover more of Kenya on a short break epic active adventure Kenya Safari for 6 Days Maasai Mara, Nakuru, and Amboseli budget safari tour, this is a very exciting epic package a budget adventure safari holiday good for small groups, families, and independent travelers joining this adventure safari you have no regrets just fun and great memories to take back home about Kenya safari holiday breaks.

Mount Kenya and Attractions in Kenya.

Get to see great Kenya attractions especially the Sunrise and Sunset views gorgeous views on top of Mount Kenya all breathtaking feel like you are on top of the world. Our mountain adventure tours are yet another breakaway package to do while in Kenya and mostly for mountain lovers and high altitude climbers nothing beats this budget adventure trekking do it on a really good budget and a good value for money you will feel every coin spent was well worth the experiences very good for school parties, Independent travel, families, and all Nature lovers.

Good deals for groups of 5 or more.

Family Break Vacations.

Traveling with your family is an invaluable experience that will create memories to last a lifetimePlanning for a family adventure holiday safari vacation can be tedious and be challenging a time and that is why it helps to have help from experienced travel professionals like us. Take the hassle out of planning your next trip we dedicate time to looking and plan for the best adventure and things for you to see and do in Kenya or within East Africa and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Small-Group Family Kenya Safari package. We like to understand your family just to make sure that your vacation package is perfectly tailored to meet your perfect needs. We are the best tour operator to craft the perfect, customized budget adventure vacation for you and your family. For more information please call or email us to talk with one of our travel advisorsCome see the wonders of Kenya!

The Menengai Crater

The Menengai Crater is located north of Nakuru, it is a breathtaking marvel and scenic beauty to enjoy. Nicknamed by locals as the "Kirima kya Ngoma"(The place of Devils) as a result of the legendary stories about its origin. This place has great peace and tranquillity that attracts many Christians to seek prayer and fellowship with God. The volcano is dormant but there are still some hot spots on the floor and streams of vapor can be seen coming from the crater

Rift Valley

Rift Valley Originally named the ‘The Great Rift Valley by Scottish Explorer John Walter Gregory, the Rift Valley is a geographic stretch extending 6000km across the Middle East and Africa from Jordan to Mozambique. The valley encapsulates tremendous changes in topographic diversity with its scraps and volcanoes, lakes, ancient granitic hills, flat desert landscapes, and coral reefs and islets. The astounding view, as you approach from Nairobi, Kenya is quite unbelievable. To show you just how expansive the rift is, the ground unexpectedly disappears from under you, extending thousands of kilometers in either direction. An excellent starter to the Kenyan Rift Valley, it may appear, the most amazing part of this experience is sinking deeper to explore the Lake System of the Rift. It has very many attractions that offer a wide variety of activities to suit every traveler's needs, Adventure activities include Hiking, trekking, game viewing, photography, guided walks around the crater lakes, picnic lunch, bird watching, golfing, and community visits. Learn More on things to do. Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful and popular Kenya's Park. The Amboseli National Park Relax and enjoy the great scenic views of Mt Kilimanjaro peak, The best sport in Kenya to watch Elephants and other games with the backdrop of Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.      

Things to Do In Masai Mara Kenya.

Maasai Mara is one of the most spectacular and most popular game reserves in Kenya big crowds of the game are seen in mass during migration which is incredible. It's at this time you are likely to see all of the Big 5 game animals are the Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Rhino & Leopard. Be where the action is! The world-famous wildlife movement popularly referred to as the Wildebeests Migration from The Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara Kenya. Every year July to October. A memorable moment as you travel and adventure in Masai Mara. The ultimate thrill and fun of wildlife migration safari daily, you can’t afford to miss it while Camping out in the studded bushes of Mara.As laze around, enjoy good food, and do nothing but have fun at the camp with barbecued goat meat in the gardens it’s the perfect retreat for the entire family or group! Be with expert travel guides who enjoy what they do as holiday planners. Try out our 3 Days Kenya Safari Masai Mara adventure wildlife.

Optional Adventure Safari Activity Whilst in Masai Mara
Hot Air Balloon Safari at US$ 430 per person
Visit Masai Village at US$ 25 per person
Main destination: Budget Safari Masai Mara National Game Reserve
Accommodation: Tented Camp
Meals & drinks: All meals included Drinking water (Other drinks not included)
Meal Plan {Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner}
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Masai Mara Adventure Safari Air Package - Things To Do.


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4 Days Masai Mara Safari Air Package

4 Days Masai Mara migration flying package with accommodations in Lodges and Luxury Tented camps in Masai Mara Game Reserve. This tour is ideal for business travelers, people on transit, conference, or seminar in Kenya. The flying safari package offers you a luxury of comfort within a short time where the value for money cannot be matched with the wildlife experience and memories of the Africa wilderness.

Day 1: Nairobi – Masai Mara

You will be picked at your hotel or Jomo Kenyatta Airport to Wilson Airport, where you board a scheduled flight to Masai Mara, and after 45 minutes you arrive at Masai Mara airstrip where a lodge driver/ guide will be waiting for you for a transfer to the lodge. Afternoon game drives to this game reserve.

Day 2/3: Masai Mara

Days spent exploring the park 2 games drives per day are offered

After a Hippo pool breakfast, a morning game drive follows to this reserve to view the Big Five and the prolific birdlife in this African wilderness park. Lunch is served with a game drive in the afternoon with a stopover at Masai Boma (extra payment) or Relax at the swimming pool. Dinner and overnight at a Lodge/Luxury Tented Camp.

Day 4: Masai Mara – Nairobi

Early morning Game drive on sunrise when predators are active and on return to the lodge have breakfast awaiting your transfer to the airstrip with the last picturesque of the Mara. Board your flight to Nairobi to Wilson airport. On arrival, our representative will meet you and transfer you to your hotel or airport.

Things To Do/ Amboseli & Masai Mara Combined Air Safari Adventure.

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5 Days Amboseli – Masai Mara air package

Places to visit: Nairobi, Amboseli, and Masai Mara. This Luxury flying package takes you to two of Kenya’s best game sanctuaries- Masai Mara Game Reserve & Amboseli  National Reserve. It is designed for the busy safari enthusiast, who must have the best game viewing experience and stay at the top-drawer accommodation.

Day 1 Nairobi-Amboseli National park

Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Wilson airport, where you board the scheduled flight to Amboseli Park. After 45 minutes, the flight arrives at the Amboseli airstrip where the Amboseli Serena driver guide will be waiting for you for a transfer to the Amboseli Serena lodge. Afternoon game drives to this game reserve.

Day 2: Amboseli National Park

After breakfast a morning game drive to this park where Mount Kilimanjaro background offers a good photographic scenery coupled with animals on the ground, The Big Five, and the prolific birdlife in this African wilderness park. Lunch is served with a game drive in the afternoon with a stopover at Masai Boma (extra payment) or Relax at the swimming pool. Bush barbecue dinner and overnight at Amboseli Serena Lodge.

Day 3: Amboseli National Park -Masai Mara Game Reserve

Early breakfast then transfers to the airstrip to board a flight to Nairobi arriving in good connecting time with a flight to the Mara pick up from the airstrip on arrival and transfer you to Mara Serena lodge for lunch afternoon game drives is offered. Dinner and overnight stay at Mara Serena lodge>

Day 4: Masai Mara Game Reserve

After breakfast, you will have Full Day Game Drives in the Masai Mara Game Reserve searching for the famous big five wild animals. This is home to all the wild animals found in Kenya. Meals to be served at Mara Serena. Optional visits to the nearby Maasai Manyattas and balloon rides can be organized. Masai cultural events can be organized in the evening.

-2 game drives are offered

Day 5: Masai Mara – Nairobi 

After breakfast, enjoy an early morning game drives drop off at the airstrip to board your flight to Nairobi -. Pick up from Wilson Airport and transfer to Jomo Kenyatta airport to board your flight to the next destination.

Things To Do In Kenya/ Wildebeest Migration Safaris.

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4 Days Masai Mara Great Migration Kenya Safari.

Tour Description: The Masai Mara is Kenya’s most celebrated game park, it offers the possibility of seeing “the big five” and many other species of game. This is where the great wildebeest migration is a spectacle to behold for any would be a visitor to Kenya mainly in July to October of each year.

Accommodations: Eco Tented camps

Departures: Every Monday

Group Size: 6 pax per vehicle

NOTE: For a family or a group of 4 people traveling together we assign a private vehicle and the tour can depart at their most convenient day.

Day 1: Depart Nairobi – Masai Mara

Pick up from your hotel at 0730 hrs – A safari briefing session with our Tour Officer then drive along the floor of the Rift Valley to the vast Masai Mara game reserve to arrive at the camp in good time for lunch. Afternoon game drives followed by dinner and overnight stay at a Tented Camp

Day 2&3 Masai Mara Big 5 Safari.

Full days spent Exploring the park in search of the big 5 with a possibility of seeing the annual wildebeest migration that takes place from July to October. Optional hot air balloon safari can be arranged at an extra cost of US$ 430.Dinner and overnight stay at a Tented Camp.

The Mara offers wildlife in such variety and abundance that it is difficult to believe: over 450 species of animals have been recorded here. You will easily see lions, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, wildebeests, zebras, buffalo, warthogs, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, buffalo, leopard, many kinds of antelopes and elephant. It is in the Mara that perhaps the most spectacular event of the natural world takes place. This is the annual migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra from the Serengeti (Tanzania) in search of water and pasture. Following on their heels are the predators of the savanna- lion, cheetah, wild dog, jackal, hyena, and vultures

Day 4. Masai Mara -Nairobi.

Morning game drives then proceed to Nairobi to arrive by 1400 hrs where the safari ends.

Safari Price per person US$ 795.00

Things To Do In Kenya/ Wildlife Migration Safari Group Holiday Tour.

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7 Days Kenya Wildlife Migration Safari Holiday Group Tour.

Tour Information

Tour Title: 7 Days Samburu Lake Nakuru Masai Mara migration safari

Start: Nairobi

End: Nairobi

Tour Duration: 7 Days – 6 nights


Visit the Samburu game reserve, Masai Mara, Hot air Balloon safari, Lake Nakuru National Park

Description: An adventure wildlife safari to the scenic scrub land of Samburu – this safari gives a great insight into Kenya’s diverse landscapes then to the world's famous Bird Sanctuary of Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara- Kenya’s most popular game park, with the possibility of seeing all the big five and many other species of game. This is where the great wildebeest migration is a spectacle to behold for any would-be visitor to Kenya mainly in July and August of each year

Accommodations: Eco budget Tented camps/Budget Hotel

Transportation; Custom made 4×4 Tour Vans

Group Size: Small group safari maximum 6 pax per vehicle – guaranteed window seat

Departures: Every Friday

NOTE: Guaranteed private departures for a family or a group of 4 traveling together

Day 1: Nairobi- Samburu Game Reserve

Pick up from your hotel at 0700 hrs and passing the majestic Mt. Kenya en route to the open savannah of Samburu Game Reserve. Lunch at a camp then proceeds for afternoon game drives. Dinner and overnight stay at a camp

Day 2: Samburu National Reserve.

Full day spent exploring the park. Dinner and overnight at a camp

The highlights of Samburu game reserve is the spectacular scenic beauty, rivers, and forests. It is an area where the local people have a rich and colorful heritage. The reserves have numerous permanent springs and a wealth of wildlife which includes leopard, hippo, elephant, lion, reticulated giraffe, grevy’s zebra and crocodile in the Ewaso Nyiro river. Over 365 species of birds have been identified in the sanctuaries.

Day 3: Lake Nakuru National Park.

We break the camp soon after breakfast and proceed to Lake Nakuru National park. The game is viewed as we exit the park. Lunch en route followed by an afternoon game drives as the pick lake. Dinner and overnight at a hotel

Lake Nakuru is a shallow alkaline lake on the edges of Nakuru town and lies a distance of 160 kilometers from Nairobi. The lake is world-famous as home to millions of flamingoes. The number of flamingoes depends on the water level which determines the quantity of algae on which the birds feed. Flamingoes are known to migrate to other Rift Valley lakes whenever the water level is low. The National Park surrounds the lake and was gazetted to protect the colony of flamingoes as well as provide sanctuary for endangered species such as the rhino. There are about 25 white and black rhinos, one of the largest concentrations in the country. Predators are also residents of this park while Rothschild’s giraffe has been translocated into the park for safety

Day 4: Lake Nakuru – Masai Mara Game Reserve

We break the camp soon after breakfast and travel south through the beautiful savannahs and plains of the Rift Valley and reach our base camp site, where we enjoy another evening out bush under the far-reaching African sky. The game is viewed as we proceed to a Tented Camp for Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5 & 6 Masai Mara Game Reserve

Spend the next two days on game drives exploring the Masai Mara. The open grasslands are home to incredibly rich and varied wildlife and the awesome, annual migration of millions of wildebeest and antelope is the highlight of any visit to Africa from July to October. Optional balloon safari can be arranged at an extra cost of US$ 430 per person.

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is arguably Kenya’s most popular game sanctuary. It is the most famous and most visited game reserve in Kenya. The film ‘Out of Africa’ was made to a great extent in this reserve. Virtually every type of wildlife can be seen at the Mara. A spectacle worth seeing is the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle from Serengeti plains across the Tanzania border and the Mara River to reach Maasai Mara grazing fields from late June. The dramatic crossing of the river and the preying on the migrants by predators can be viewed from early July to August. The reserve abounds with birdlife since dose to about 452 species has been recorded. Hot air balloon safaris are readily available in this park

Day 7 Masai Mara – Nairobi

Morning game drives then return to the camp for breakfast, exit the park and proceed to Nairobi where the safari ends.

Prices & Departure Dates

Price Per Person Joining US$ 1620

Things To Do In Kenya/ Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy Adventure Safari.

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Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy Day Active Adventure Safari Trip from Nairobi.

Trip Highlights

Excellent value for money

Close encounter with wildlife

See native wildlife in their natural environment

All entrance fees included

Free hotel pickup and drop-off included

Informative, friendly and professional guide

Trip Overview.

This full-day round-trip tour from Nairobi visits the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a haven for endangered rhinos and home to Africa's Big Five, as well as chimpanzees. Enjoy a four-hour game drive, en-route attractions, and return to your Nairobi hotel. The tour departs Nairobi around 6 a.m. after pickup from the airport, or your Nairobi area hotel or guesthouse. The drive to Ol Pejeta Conservancy north of the city will take about three hours and the tour will stop in Nyeri town where you can buy a packed lunch from one of the hotels. You will then proceed to the entrance of the park and start game viewing (admission is included in the tour). Spot rhinos, buffaloes, elephants, cheetahs, giraffe (including the endangered reticulated giraffe), hyena, lions, leopard, and several species of gazelle, antelope, and birds during your four hours of game viewing. The conservancy is also the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees. You'll eat your packed lunch in the park. After game viewing, you will depart Ol Pejeta for Nairobi, arriving back at your hotel or guesthouse around 6 p.m.

Price  Ksh 39,900 or USD 390

Departure Point

The Nairobi airport or your hotel or guesthouse

Departure Time

7 a.m.

Return Details

Your Nairobi hotel or guesthouse


Entrance fees


All activities

Hotel pickup and drop-off

Transport by air-conditioned minivan

Bottled water


Food and drinks


Gratuities (recommended)

Confirmation will be received at time of booking

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Infant rates are available for those not occupying their own seat.

For Tour Booking / Advice.

Things To Do In Kenya/ Ol pejeta Conservancy / Climbing Mount Kenya.

YHA Kenya Travel Tours Safaris, Safari Booking, Active Travel, Active Adventure, Things To Do In Kenya, Kenya Tours safaris, Climbing Mount Kenya, Kenya budget Adventure camping  safaris,Kenya wildlife safaris, Small Group Budget Safaris, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Activity Adventure,Summer Holiday Adventures,Weekend Getaways .

4 Days  Tour to Olpejeta Conservancy Combined with Climbing Mount Kenya.

Tour Description.

Day 1: Nairobi - Ol Pejeta.

Depart Nairobi at 6 am and then drive for 3 hours to arrive Nanyuki town at Here you will have a stop over at the equator crossing. The Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into 2 hemispheres. north and south. There is a big sign where you will be able to take a photo saying you are now crossing the equator. From here you will proceed for another 15 minutes where you will now be entering the gate. The start of the first game drive that will last 2 hours and this will take you to see the chimpanzee and more wild animals on the northern side of the vast conservancy. Arrive at Serena sweet waters lodge by 12 pm. Here you will have a look at the animals coming to the watering hole in front of the lodge to drink water while you enjoy taking photos of the resident monkeys at the lodge. Enjoy lunch and start the afternoon game drive at 2 pm. You will drive to the eastern side of the park where you will be able to visit a blind rhino called Baraka and also be able to see the three Northern white rhinos freely roaming in their vast enclosure. End of the game drive at 4 pm. Drive back to Lodge for overnight with breakfast.

Day 2 Day 1: Naro Moru Track.

Leave sweet waters lodge at 8.00 am to Nanyuki to meet up with the guide, Sort out and organize personal equipment for the trek and drive to the Naru Moru park gate.  From the gate, we trek up through magnificent montane forest, bamboo and giant heather zone before reaching the high altitude moorland and our first cabins( Met Station) for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Hike Up Teleki Valley.

Hike up into the Teleki valley where there is a spectacular view of the main peaks. Walking time approximately 4-6 hours. Overnight at Mackinders Camp (4,100m).

Day 3: Descend  From Makinders To Narumoru Gate.

 After breakfast at Met station walk down to Park Gate to catch your transport back to Nairobi.

Price  USD 1420


Return transport by safari van from Nairobi to Ol Pejeta- Narumoru park gate and back to Nairobi.

All Conservancy & Mt Kenya park entrance  fees

Full board accommodation and meals

1 liter daily of mineral drinking water

Local taxes

Services for experienced English speaking Driver Guide and mountain guide.

Porters to carry your luggage

Live commentary on board

Hotel pickup and drop-off

Lunch on last day


Medical, travel & personal insurance cover

Extra meals, drinks, telephone calls, emails, fax etc

Tips and gratitude to guides.

Things to Carry

A.hiking gear:

1. Sleeping bags

2. Hiking boots

3. Waterproof jackets and pants(trousers)

4. Hand gloves

5. Warm clothing

6. At least 5 t-shirts

7. Extra Sports shoes or sandals

8. Warm fleece

9. Hat

10. Thermal suit

11. Getter

12. Hiking stick

Please note; Number 1 can be hired at Ksh 500 per day

Number 2-5 can be hired at Ksh 200 per day

Number 5 to 9 – you can carry them with you

B. Personal effects c

Lunch on last day.

Things To Do In Kenya/ Hells Gate/ Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha Tour.

YHA Kenya Travel, Safari Booking, Activity Adventure, Active Travel, Active Adventure, Things To Do In Kenya, Epic Kenya Short Safaris Adventure, Hells Gate, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Weekend Getaway, Private Tour, Guided Tour.

2 Days 1 Night Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha Tour.

Trip Overview.

This private 2-day trip to Lake Nakuru, Hells Gate, and Lake Naivasha is the perfect quick getaway from Nairobi. Not only do you see animals like birds and hippos on morning and afternoon game drives, but you also get to take a cycling tour of the park and go on a boat ride in Lake Naivasha. Overnight accommodation, activities, and transportation are already booked and paid for so you can enjoy the perfect getaway with minimal planning. 2-day trip to Hells Gate, Lake Nakuru, and Lake Naivasha No planning required for an easy Nairobi getaway Private tour operated with just your guide and party Overnight accommodation, transportation, and activities included


See two national parks in two days.

Game drives in Lake Nakuru National Park.

A boat safari on Lake Naivasha.

Walking safari on Crescent Island.

Cycling tour of Hell's Gate National Park.

Hiking in Hell's Gate National Park.

Optional rock-climbing excursion.

Overnight in Lake Nakuru National Park or on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Details of Two Day Lake Nakuru and Hell's Gate Tour

Combine two of Kenya's most beautiful parks, Lake Nakuru National Park and Hell's Gate Nationa Park with the beautiful Lake Naivasha region in this two day, one night itinerary.

This trip features a little bit of everything: a traditional game drive at Lake Nakuru, hiking and cycling in Hell's Gate, and a boat safari at Lake Naivasha.


Departing from Nairobi after breakfast, you'll make the three-hour drive across to Lake Nakuru National Park.

While the park's resident flamingos have since moved on, the park is still home to four of the Big Five (you won't see elephants here) as well as a huge variety of birdlife. Your half-day game drive in the park will showcase some of Kenya's most beautiful terrain while you spot large herds of buffalo, families of baboons, both black and white rhinoceros, and even lazy lions and leopards. In the afternoon, you'll continue on to Lake Naivasha. While not a national park itself, Lake Naivasha is famous for its scenic boat safaris. You'll spot hippos, buffalo, and a variety of water birds on your way to the Crescent Island Private Sanctuary. Crescent Island is a chance for you to get out and walk alongside giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and more. You'll then overnight in one of the nearby lodges/ Hotels/Campsites.

Accommodation Options

Luxury Accommodation: Lake Naivasha Enashipai Resort or Kiangaru Lodge

Mid Range Accommodation: Lake Naivasha Sopa or Simba Lodge.

Budget Accommodation : Carnelleys Camp/ Fishermans  /YMCA or Cray Fish Camps.

NB: Accommodation for this package is budget option and can be upgraded based on your option.


You'll set off for Hell's Gate National Park after breakfast. Hell's Gate is a park for the adventurous, making up for its lack of predators and big game with a variety of fun activities for the outdoors enthuiast. You'll take a guided cycling tour through the park's canyons and plateaux on your way to the famous hiking gorges, where you'll have a half-climbing, half-hiking adventure through these colourful canyons.

The more adventurous at heart will also have the opportunity to climb Fisher's Tower.

You'll then return to Nairobi in the evening.

Price Guide; 1 Pax = 750

2 pax = 460 per person

3 pax= 380 per person

What’s included

Transport to/from Nairobi, park entry fees, campsite fees, camping equipment, meals while on safari,

Accommodation Fisherman's Camp/ Lanet Matfam on Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

Bicycle Hire Charges at Hell's Gate

Private Hell's Gate Guide

Services of Experienced English speaking driver/ guide

Boat Ride

What’s not included

Personal insurance, visas, items of a personal nature, drinks. Rock climbing can be arranged on the day for around $15 per person, depending on how long you climb for. It is also possible to ride horses in the park, with prior arrangement (costs around $20 per hour per horse).

Don't Forget: Sleeping bag, sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent, warm fleece for cool evenings, torch, camera, binoculars.

Tips/Gratuities (optional)

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