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Cross cultural exchange and learning

Welcome to "Mount Kenya Heritage Centre" where we recreate the Kikuyu traditional way of life and let visitors experience first-hand information on how life was in the old days before technology was introduced.

Mount Kenya Heritage Centre is an old kikuyu homestead setup with all the amenities, structures and nitty gritty that comprised of a traditional Kikuyu homestead.

Visitors get to learn how the day to day life of the Kikuyu traditional community was and are shown the different traditional practices, customs and how roles were assigned in the old days.

To make this a wholesome experience, entertainment is provided in the form of traditional theme songs and dances as they were performed during different seasons and events like rites of passage and harvesting, storytelling, riddles, proverbs, legends and poetry.

 "Mount Kenya Heritage Centre" is situated approximately 110 km north of Nairobi in Muranga County. It is situated in an exclusively ideal location by which snow-capped Mount Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa, can be seen. Interestingly it is in the same location that the Aberdare’s mountains are also clearly visible. The centre is situated on some of the stunning sceneries in Africa with mountains and hills covered by coffee and tea plantations. There are a number of the running rivers and beautiful waterfalls.


1. Visit to the coffee farms and tea plantations, learn more about the process of growing, harvesting coffee and tea with the local people from the kikuyu community.

2. Traditional dance and music

3. Food and good spirit.

4. Nature walk, hiking to Mount Kenya and bird watching.

5. Waterfall, swimming in the river and White Water Rafting.

6. Sun downer

7. Fishing in the river


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