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Planning an adventure holiday trip? Let Kenya be your dream destination this summer holiday. Enquire today for an exciting Kenya adventure safari activity as provided by YHA Kenya Travel and speak with our experienced team of travel experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Visa to travel to Kenya?
Yes you need. all tourists visiting Kenya need an e-Visa to entre. The best eassy way to obtain one is to apply online. The e-Visa allows you to visit Kenya for up to 90 days on a single visit, or 72 hours if you are on transit.

Is Kenya Safe to Travel ?
In general touring Kenya is safe for visitors. However,travelling to major cities carries some risk. Though safer than surrounding countries, terrorism and violent crimes remain a threat in densley populated areas. Tourists are often the target of carjacking, kidnapping and roberies. Milions of tourists safely visit and travel across Kenya every year without incidents. Stay with your guide, take proper precautions, and do not venture out alone, and you should have a trouble free stay.

When is it best to visit Kenya ?
Kenya has good and warm climate year round. visitors travel almost evry time. The best times however to get see country side and wildlife is during the dry season , before the heavy rains which begin to fall between January and March, when the land is warm and dry and the landscape still retains some green. The second, longer dry season is from July to October. During this time the weather is warm and dry, and the lanscape starts  to green but becomes drier as it gets closer to October, It is during this season that the great animal movement "" Wildebeest Migration"" takes place with thousands of migrating animals cross over from Serengeti in Tanzania into Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and are easily observed.

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Planning A Private or Group Safari/ Tour Holiday.

Would you like to keep your trip exclusive to your friends or family. With us it only takes a group of 4 to 7 or more to turn any of our group safaris into a private departure.

Planning an African safari doesn't have to be daunting. From big five tours to honeymoon safari and beach holidays, you can find a tour here to get you started. Use the filters to narrow you're search and shortlist tours that catch your eye. . YHA Kenya Travel is one of the best and trusted unique safari companies operating in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality, tourism and travel industry. With us, we will handle all types of guests and budgets for a wonderful wildlife safari in Africa. We always aspire and target to exceed customer expectations, hopes and dreams with the help of good value and services by our experienced safari guides.

We are highly passionate and committed to what we do, we love our country, people and culture, reason why our mission is to project this to our clients. We are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that you get good value for your money!

Explore Africa’s best destinations with expert travel guides on our Kenya adventure safari tours. Discover the untapped natural wonders and the dynamic cultures of Africa with our able team of expert guides leading the way and every detail handled from the start to finish.

Top Best Active Adventure Experiences in Kenya For anyone looking for thrills and excitement, head on over to Kenya, the heart of adventure tourism. 

1. Ziplining Zip your way past stunning Kereita Forest in Limuru. Enjoy the gorgeous Gatamaiyu River, as well as the abundant fauna and enchanted caves. Its most impressive feature is a rushing waterfall that reaches a height of around 60 feet. 
2. Canyoning Leap off waterfalls, slide down rocks, scramble, climb, jump, abseil… Canyoning is one of Kenya’s most extreme adventures, taking place in the remote mountains surrounding the Ngare Ndare Forest. 
3. Bungee Take a leap of faith on a bungee at a 60-meter-tall structure in Sagana or on the Tana River’s banks at Rapids Camp. Kenya, as the birthplace of bungy jumping, does not disappoint!
 4. Off-road driving Buckle up, hold on, and embark on a scenic wilderness off-road adventure on one of Kenya’s extensive networks of back-country roads and tracks.
 5. Rafting Kenya has it all, from one of the top ten river trips in the world, the Athi River, to rapids ranging from a gentle class II to an extreme class V. The Tana River, Athi River, and Mathioya River are among the most popular rafting destinations in the country.
 6. Skydiving Embrace the adrenaline and take in the scenery as you tandem skydive or go solo – a truly thrilling adventure! In Diani, you can go skydiving. 

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*Camera & Lenses
*Sun glasses
*Passport/ Insuarance & Drivers Licence
*power adaptor 3 pin for electrical items
*Toiletries- Personal care cosmetics 
*Maralia Pills and other medications
*Insect repellent
*flash light
*Extra pair of socks, shoes and sandles
*pen knife
*Credit cards and small amount of cash
* power backup
*Extra batteries/SD Cards for your camera

How to book a safari with us.
Booking a Kenya safari is pretty easy! Simply browse on our website on listed selection of Adventure safaris packages, choose one that excites you and falls on your budget and needs, fill the form or click on the Contact us page at the top right of the header Menu or at the                           "Book this safari " Button.
You will then be directed to the form where you can us an inquiry. Alternatively, you can reach us directly via whatsApp chat or e.mail and we will be happy to help you with the tour booking.
We respond promptly in good time within 6 to 24 hrs at the very most. In the event you cant find a specific package, we will be glad to customise a tour for you. We can always modify any existing package to suite your needs.

What type of tour/ trip accommodation do you prefer?

What are your main interests in this trip? Kindly specify which safari tour itinerary or any other travel details or preferences that you may have and you would like to plan and book. Contact and talk to our tour advisors anytime to kick start your safari planning process.

Request YHA Kenya Travel custom or Tailor-made safari pricing. Select Destination You Would Like To Visit. Be tempted by inspiring destinations, explore from the list of available Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania best destinations.

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YHA-Kenya Budget Safaris Holidays.

Benefit from our wealth of experience as a leading Kenya adventure budget safaris travel provider with over 6 years of business YHA Kenya travel has grown to become one of the most trusted and influential private tours and safari operator companies in Kenya offering a complete Kenya budget safaris travel activity product. Our business strength lies squarely on the number of clients we have served as individual travelers, leisure groups, small group travel, and family travel covering ground budget travel products as well as air travel safari package products.

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Other products and services including hotels, lodges, camps, Ballon flight safaris, beach holidays, responsible tourism holidays, cultural safaris, walking safaris, sightseeing products among many others. We endeavor to provide you with outstanding customer service and satisfactory services through continuous innovations, development, and investment in our staff systems and technology. Book your perfect adventure holiday trip with the assurance of the best value for your money at a good budget with YHA Kenya travel tours and safaris products with a click of a button.

Guided Small Group Walking Safari Holidays in Kenya.

Kenya offers a wide choice of reliably excellent adventure budget walking safaris. Leisurely strolls or more challenging treks in Kenya. Government strict rules have guaranteed consistently high standards of walking safaris in Kenya. The great rich wildlife and high-quality tented camps run by experienced and local bush enthusiasts make Kenya walking safaris among the best adventure activity in the region making Kenya budget safaris a taste for many travelers.

Discover Best Of Kenya Tourist Spots You Should Never Miss.
1. Ololokwe-Samburu
Mt. Ololokwe, with its distinctive flat shape and high sheer cliffs towering over a stunning landscape of expansive shrubby terrain and the warm blue skies of the Samburu plains, never fails to turn heads. Mt Ololokwe is known as Ol Donyo Sabache and is a sacred mountain to the local Samburu people. The journey from Nairobi takes about 5-8 hours, about 340km, on one of Kenya’s smoothest, straightest, and seemingly never-ending roads. You will probably encounter more camels than cars on this journey!
Plan a hike up Mt. Ololokwe at dawn to catch the sunrise slowly casting a warm glow over the gorgeous Samburu plains. Taking a 4×4 vehicle with all-terrain tyres is the recommended option.
2. Mount Suswa
This is a  hidden gem in Narok County it is a unique double crater volcano, perhaps lesser known than its counterpart Mt. Longonot, but arguably more interesting. Mt. Suswa boasts a valley-like interior filled wif lush greenery, sometimes covered by a beautiful floating mist. You can hike along the scenic crater route or visit the caves formed by lava eruptions approximately 200 years ago and are now home to endangered bats.
Camping on the crater is highly recommended for those who enjoy stargazing, as shooting stars are plentiful on a clear night.
Taking a 4×4 vehicle with all-terrain/off-road tyres is necessary as the lead road leading to Mt. Suswa is composed of fine volcanic ash, which you can easily get stuck in, especially if it’s raining!
3. Aberdare National Park
Taking a road trip to Aberdare Ranges and National Park is an absolute must! Words cannot describe the sheer beauty that encompasses the park. From lush rainforests, unique flora, and spectacular waterfalls, you will be amazed at wat Kenya’s nature has to offer. Karuru Falls in the Aberdare National Park is Kenya’s tallest and highest waterfall at a whopping 273 meters high!
You will need a sturdy 4×4/SUV vehicle, good tyres and a skilled driver to take you through the park, as you will likely encounter marshy, wet and overgrown terrains.
4. Lake Jipe & Lake Chala
Visiting Lakes Jipe and Chala is like visiting places out of a movie scene. Jipe, home to over a hundred hippos, lies between Kenya and Tanzania and reflects teh surrounding hills and blue skies like a mirror on its glassy waters. Take a boat ride to experience the pure calmness that encloses the Lake.
From Lake Jipe, drive about 1.5 hours over to Lake Chala, and you will find yourself staring across a breath-taking azure lake set within a volcanic crater. Hike down the side of the crater and take a refreshing swim in the Lake. Do be careful as Lake Chala is nearly 100 meters deep!
The roads (or lack of roads) leading to Jipe and Chala can be treacherous, especially when it rains. Be sure to have a tow rope ready with you!
5. Lake Natron
This mystifying Lake is well worth the journey south to the Kenya-Tanzania border. Although most of the Lake is in Tanzania, you can still see it from the Kenyan side by driving down to Shompole Conservancy. Depending on the season, the mineral-rich soda lake can be a vivid red colour and a breeding ground for thousands of lesser flamingos. An eerie mist hovers over the flat Lake, and instead of sand, the shoreline is covered with calcified fishbones, a sight you will not find anywhere else in Kenya!
The bulk of the journey to Shompole conservancy is on tarmacked roads, but the terrain can be rocky once inside the conservancy. All-terrain/off-road tyres are recommended to avoid having to deal wif fixing punctured tyres in the scorching heat!
6. Lake Baringo
After Lake Turkana, Lake Baringo is to the northern of the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes, with a surface area of 130 square kilometres and an elevation of 970 metres. It is a bird watcher’s paradise and home to many other animals. Here one can choose to go on walking safaris, boat rides or visit the local villages. It is about a 5-hour drive from Nairobi, on generally good roads. Captivating in its beauty as a serene haven under big African skies and bounded by cliff-edged escarpments, Baringo is nevertheless subject to staggering climactic changes. Make sure to plan your trip at the right time of  the year!
7. Shimba Hills
Visiting Shimba Hills is a highly worthwhile journey to embark on. Be sure to set off at the crack of dawn if leaving from Nairobi to avoid traffic along the way. Many roads are long and tarmacked, so almost any car can get you there. You will know when  you’re close to you're destination when you encounter fields of thick trunked Baobab trees and warm humid air. Once at Shimba Hills, the tarmacked road ends, and the path is paved by a red-soil road surrounded by thick green vegetation on either side. As the name suggests, the hilly road goes up and down frequently, and if you keep driving through, you will end up on the white sandy beaches of Diani!
8. Kerio Valley
Driving on steep winding roads through the mountain pass of the Great Rift Valley region is one for the bucket list of things to do. The roads are generally quite good, with very few potholes. However, they are also narrow so do drive carefully.
The spectacular views of Kerio Valley on this journey are a sight for sore eyes.
9. Ngare Ndare Forest
Explore the lovely Ngare Ndare forest, located at the foothills of Mount. Kenya, when you plan a trip to Nanyuki or Meru. The indigenous forest is a stomping ground for wild elephants. You might be lucky enough to see some from a canopy walk 10 meters above the ground that meanders through the trees for almost half a kilometre. Furthermore, hike to the stunning turquoise pools at the waterfalls and take a dip in the icy waters if you’re brave enough! You do not need a 4×4 vehicle for your trip to Ngare Ndare. However, quality tyres are recommended as the route to get there is either potholed or untarmacked.
10. Tsavo & Chyulu Hills
Visiting Chyulu Hills, located in Tsavo West National Park, is a journey well worth taking. Hike the vivid green hills or if you are looking for something more relaxed, plan a game drive within Tsavo West. Check out the famous Shetani Lava Flows, which appear to be frozen in time.


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