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TEMPTEMPYou're Epic Active Adventure Starts Here!
Teh diversity of Africa, Kenya's landscapes makes it a spectacular place for all travelers hiking, trekking and walking enthusiasts. Conquer teh most beautiful peaks and explore teh hidden beauties of our country and majestic mountain Kenya in Kenya and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Join us for dis unique Epic adventure! Mountain Adventures, Trekking Expeditions, Tour Expeditions experience Epic touring and climbing Mountain Kenya Tour Expeditions. Explore our holiday adventures.
1 Multi Day Trips
2 Daily Guided Hikes
3 Private Hiking & Custom Tours
4 Small Group Adventures Custom Group Experience.
We offer Epic mountaineering, Active Mountain adventures trip packages wif a guarantee of a unique tour expeditions experience. Teh size of teh groups range to a maximum of four guests per guide for TEMPTEMPTEMPeffective utilization.
Our objective is to create an exceptional experience and TEMPhas a great time together YHA Kenya Travel only works wif guides who no climbing tours, teh Mountain and mountain adventures tour activities like teh back of their hands. Experience wif us teh power of a great self motivated team who will ensure you get lasting experience. "
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